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I’m Esther, a soft tissue therapist and reiki practitioner based between Harringay, North London and Hatfield, Hertfordshire.


The challenges faced in recent years have reaffirmed just how vital holistic body work is and renewed my sense of commitment to provide a safe and reassuring environment in which you can relax.


How are you holding up?


Whether you feel all crumpled from working at home, injured and in pain or just need time out; my approach will combine advanced soft tissue and remedial massage techniques, mobilisations and muscle energy techniques to alleviate the physical, mental and emotional manifestations of stress and tension; attuning treatments to your individual needs.

Even minor injuries can have a big impact on daily life; by building awareness and taking time to understand and address these issues we become invested in our own healing.


The body tells us everything we need to know, we just have to listen! 




A deep tissue treatment for those who are comfortable with firm, deep pressure.  Mobilisations, stretches and trigger point therapy target chronic patterns of tension within the muscle, ease stiffness around the joints  and alleviate symptoms

of stress and anxiety.

The perfect treatment if you are new to massage and body work or are particularly sensitive to touch.


For those uncomfortable with undressing, you can opt to be treated with your clothes on.  Perhaps you feel deep tissue massage is too intense. This holistic and therapeutic treatment involves light pressure, static holds and some gentle mobilisations, aiming to sooth and calm the nervous system in a more subtle way.


Massage can be supportive at all stages of pregnancy to alleviate the body's physical and chemical changes. This nurturing treatment allows space to bond with your baby and connect with yourself, promotes relaxation and may provide emotional support. There will also be an opportunity to invite your birthing partner, to work together towards finding supportive massage techniques, exercises and positions in preparation for labour.

Massage is hugely beneficial during labour, in the early stages and throughout, as the intensity of physical sensations and surges increases, especially in between contractions when it is so important that the mother rests.

Whatever the setting, whether in hospital or at home you may welcome some guidance and the supportive presence of

another person. 


 Wellness Wednesdays at


43 Quernmore Road, N4 4QP 

for a quick fix treatment focusing on releasing upper body tension. Combining massage, indian head and acupressure this treatment offers the perfect mid week wind down after a stressful day.  Clients are fully clothed for this treatment.  Contact to book.


5:30pm - 8:30pm

This Reiki treatment promotes balance and calm for anyone needing to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, boost their energy levels and connect with themselves. By the end of this treatment you can expect to be breathing more freely and thinking more clearly.  

         Afterwards I felt physically energised and mentally calm ... the session with Esther was  an incredibly
restorative experience and
I could not have felt more
comfortable with her
Hand Massage
Esther has an excellent deep tissue technique that is
sensitive, intuitive, and robust ...
Shoulder Massage



It is important to me that you are as comfortable as possible during treatments.  Please do not hesitate to say when you feel uncomfortable, are too hot or cold or you just don’t like the music!



Think about what you have planned before and after your treatment and and try not to demand too much of yourself.  Make sure you incorporate regular and gentle movement and drink plenty of water to assist the body post treatment.  Whilst I realise it’s not always possible, try and simplify your commitments.  It is usually best to avoid intense amounts of exercise, go gently and listen to your body.


I have practiced massage and reiki since qualifying in 2008. In recent years I have enjoyed working for a contractor providing therapies for employees at Google. 


Whilst continuing to work independently I have developed my skills - gaining further qualifications in deep tissue/therapeutic techniques and becoming a Well Mother practitioner, working with women in all stages of pregnancy through to birth.


I am now working increasingly with soft tissue therapy techniques and clinical/remedial massage to prevent and treat injury and persistent musculoskeletal conditions.


      After 20 minutes, I could move my neck, I felt lighter, revived and without pain or discomfort                                           Matt  





One hour treatment  £ 80

75 min treatment       £ 90

90 min treatment      £ 100 




Discounts for block booking  available on inquiry 



Gift vouchers for that special person are available to redeem against any treatment. 

Email for details with GIFT as the header


Handmade with love by Esther





Vouchers *

redeemable against any treatment

* buy  direct from  BUT FIRST COFFEE, 43 Quernmore Road, N4 4QP


Tel: 07988 052 028


Thank you, we'll be in touch shortly, Esther x.




On request at your own home.

I cover Harringay, North London, Hatfield



84 Park Road
Crouch End
London N8 8JQ



Beautiful treatment rooms at LIFE BY MARGOT, Crouch End 



Terms And Conditions

COVID - 19 Safety Form

I am currently following up to date government guidelines and adhering to all PPE guidance and cleaning procedures.


Before your first treatment I will send you a Covid safety form to fill in. Please note that treatment will not be able to take place if this has not been signed and returned 24 hours before your treatment booking.


If you need to cancel a session within 48 hours, a charge of £15 will apply. This is to cover the cost of room hire. If you miss/cancel a session without 24 hours notice the full fee will apply. 

To maximise time and make things smoother on the day of treatment I ask that session fees are transferred in advance of your treatment.


Any and all documents are kept privately and confidentially by me and stored securely on an external hard drive. I keep some of your basic personal details, medical history and brief content notes of your treatments on file.


I collect data for ensuring I have the right information for assessing your suitability to treatment, for completing the appropriate treatment, for contacting you regarding appointment follow-ups and for referral to GP or other healthcare practitioners if deemed necessary. 


In signing our contract, you are letting me know that your consent has been freely given for me to obtain and securely store this information. 


In addition, the data may also be shared with NHS Trace and Test if required to minimise the spread of Covid-19. As required by my professional bodies and to ensure best practice I collect only data that is relevant to those purposes. Information will be held for 7 years and treated as strictly confidential and will only be released to any other external party with the consent of the client.

Esther Dee